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Scientists try to find consistent explanations

speed of light, warp, time travelWe should know by now not to trust a scientist when they utter the phrase “that is impossible”. I am no Albert Einstein but, thanks to hindsight, I can sit here and state that he was wrong in some regards.

The internet is rife with lists and examples of disproven theories and failed predictions.

  • 1943 – T Watson, President IBM “I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers.”
  • 1895 – Lord Kelvin, father of the Law of Thermodynamics “Heavier than air flying machines are impossible.”
  • 1934 – Albert Einstein “There is not the slightest indication that [nuclear energy] will ever be attainable.”
  • 1920 –  Lee De Forest, Inventor of the vacuum tube, pioneer in modern electronics talking about space travel “Such a manmade voyage will never occur in spite of all future advances.”
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Excerpt from draft of Book 2 in the Pyrrha’s Fields trilogy

Original Science FIctionFrom The Overview Disjunction … Just a rough draft …

There was only one thing that Alex could be grateful for today – or this entire week, for that matter!

If she got this job, her posting would not be on this rock. The air handlers could do nothing to mitigate the pervasive sulfuric smell. It was so distracting that several times during the job interview she had been caught off guard by a question. That was so completely out of character it had knocked her off her game for the remainder of the audience.

She mechanically thanked the bartender for the fresh beer as, thanks to her analytic mind nature, she was force to review the entire conversation in her mind.

The interview got off to a terrible start as Alex had been fascinated by the interviewer’s yellow skin. Staring, she thought ‘must be the damned sulfur’. The HR Specialist was a nice enough person but Alex could not get her mind off his complexion for some reason. It was THAT yellow.

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