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A Prequel to Change

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First in a Near Future Science Fiction Series

Does a dead mathematical prodigy’s 130-year-old missing work hold the key to mankind’s future – or destruction?

A Prequel to Change is the first book of three in a Near Future Science Fiction series that probes the possible consequences of mankind’s current technological trajectory.

Its 2042 and Kel, a Theoretical Physicist, has helped build a revolutionary spacecraft in hopes that it will irrevocably change our future for the better.

On the cusp of presenting this gift to the world, he is betrayed as shadowy powers frame his group and he is forced off the project.

Kel discovers a fatal flaw in the craft’s propulsion system which could destroy the ship and even threaten humanity but he is on the run from the law and powerless to stop matters from progressing to a probable fatal conclusion.

Find out if Kel is able to enlist old friends and new enemies to help him in a race to save us all!

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