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Month: April 2017

MEPs fire opening salvos in Artificial Intelligence war …

MEPs fire openiArtificial Intelligence, deep learningng salvos in Artificial Intelligence war …

In 2017, members of the European Parliament have begun a call to action to create legal and ethical frameworks to address the concerns arising from the emerging reality of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.

AI has arrived and we’ve been using it for years … Siri, Google, Facebook and any number of everyday applications rely on Machine Learning(ML) and, more recently, Deep Neural Networks (DNN) have brought us Deep Machine Learning … in an attempt to limit the number of terms and acronyms for the purposes of this post we’ll just call it ML – Machine Learning.

With ML, machines program themselves. For instance, an autonomous car ‘watches’ a human drive a car and then it learns for itself how to drive.

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The winds of change are upon us …

Autonomous car, electric carEvery action has consequences … and those consequences have consequences … which also have consequences … simple concept, easy definition. Second and Third Order consequences … I read a great article about this earlier today.

Lets take a prolonged drought for instance. They have far reaching consequences beyond the obvious ones.

  • First Order – As a result of a drought, crops fail.
  • Second Order – The crop failures lead to farm foreclosures.
  • Third Order – The farm foreclosures result in out migration to the cities.
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I just couldn’t help myself …

Time Travel, Warp, Cause and effect

I just couldn’t help myself … I’ve done it again and it’s not just due to a lack of will power.  The problem really does reside outside myself.

Now I know that sounds like classic denial. But, it’s not my fault this time, the internet made me do it. I tweaked my news feed settings to expand my intellectual horizons vis a vis what information I expose myself to daily.

But just as sure as a Presidential tweet, like clockwork here comes another story that challenges our perception of reality and therefore about what is possible and what is not.

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