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Fiction By MH Davidson

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A Prequel to Change is the 1st book of three in a near-future Science Fiction Thriller series.

Things on Earth have reaOriginal Science Fiction indie ebook publisher and Blog by author MH Davidsonched the tipping point and Humanity urgently needs to colonize the Solar System. Problem is, the spacecraft we have just are not up to the task.

Kel McEwan works at a private R&D firm that has just built the prototype of a new class of spacecraft that seems to be the answer to the problem … The Pyrrha. She has a revolutionary new propulsion system and can meet all the challenges of space travel … she is safe, inexpensive and fast.

Just before a scheduled public unveiling of the new ship, a NASA mission goes bad and Pyrrha is the only ship around that could possibly mount a rescue in time.

Unbeknownst to Kel and his team, powerful and shady forces are hatching a plot that, if successful, could unwittingly have disastrous consequences.

Find out if life on Earth will survive humanity’s first tentative steps as a spacefaring species by reading A Prequel to Change.

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